Tuff Gong History

tuffgong-hqThe Tuff Gong label was founded in 1970 by Bob Marley, with the vision of producing, distributing and promoting his music free from the constraints of corporate label politics. In a time decades before artist-owned record labels were commonplace, the legendary Bob Marley’s vision was characteristically well ahead of its time. Now, nearly a half-century later, his dream is being realized. With Tuff Gong Worldwide, Ziggy Marley continues a dream of his father to own and manage not only his own music, but nearly every aspect of his career. From record label operations to book publishing, Ziggy not only records and releases all of his recent solo studio albums and DVDs via Tuff Gong Worldwide (including the Grammy-winning albums Love Is My Religion and Family Time, and the new release Wild and Free), but also has become a force in the graphic novel / publishing industry with the release of the Marijuanaman series and children’s book ‘I Love You Too’ . With such distribution partners as Image Comics, Entertainment One in the U.S. and Canada and a variety of distributors and label imprints around the world, Tuff Gong Worldwide’s reach has become, indeed, a global phenomenon. Most recently, Tuff Gong Worldwide has expanded into the world of television with Marley Africa Road Trip (Elixer Films) and into foods with Ziggy Marley Organics, which includes the world’s first flavored GMO free coconut oils and roasted hemp seeds.

Since its inception in 2005, Tuff Gong Worldwide has established itself as a leader in the reggae community. Having consulted on such projects as The Disney Reggae Club (Walk Disney Records) and MARLEY (Shangri-La Entertainment), the company has become a sought-after expert in tapping into reggae culture. Tuff Gong Worldwide is also the creator/producer of the Legends of Reggae music festival, curated the Bob Marley Grammy exhibit and works in partnership with the Music Institute Museum in Phoenix on reggae centered events and performances. With unprecedented access to reggae creatives (artists, musicians, songwriters, etc.), Caribbean media (radio, online, press), and other promotional outlets, Tuff Gong Worldwide finds itself at the center of reggae culture in North America, the Caribbean, and beyond.